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Comprehensive advice, help and information about sexuality, sexual health and relationships for teens and young adults.

Center for Positive Sexuality
Provide comprehensive, sex-positive education and information about marginalized sexual groups.

Coalition for Positive Sexuality
Sex positive information and resources for teens.

Family Planning Council of Iowa
Provides information on contraception, sexually transmitted diseases, and reproductive health care.

A sexual health website covering a wide variety of teenage issues.

National Survey of Sexual Health and Behavior
Information about the first large sexual research survey in several decades.

Resource Center for Adolescent Pregnancy Prevention
ReCAPP provides comprehensive educational programs to help prevent teen pregnancy.

Sensual Fusion
Sex educators and experts share information about sexual satisfaction and health. Includes audio and video clips.

Sex Trivia Test
Gauge your sex trivia skills on a fifty question sex trivia test.

Sex, Etc.
Advice for teens about sex, love and relationships, teen pregnancy, birth control, condoms, smoking, alcohol, and drugs.

Raises awareness about sex education by providing videos and clips that offer different personal experiences of sexual issues.

Sexual education ideas, resources and programs for youth. [Montreal, Canada.]

Sexuality Education and Counseling Services
Comprehensive, sex-positive health education including workshops, training, and counseling services.

Sexy Questions and Answers
Mr. Science answers common sex questions for people of all ages.

U.S. Age of Consent Chart
Age of consent information by state.

Worldwide Age of Consent Chart
Publishes the age people can legally have sex in countries around the world.