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Body Dysmorphic Disorder
Fat Acceptance
Media Pressures
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Articles, features, news and polls on a variety of body image topics.

Bella Online: Body Image
Articles and forum devoted to improving self-esteem by developing a better body image.

Body Image Health
Promoting healthy body image attitudes. Preventing eating and weight concerns.

Body Positive
Features articles, forums, psychological exercises, activism ideas, and resources.

Council on Size and Weight Discrimination
Articles, links and resources on discrimination and media images, with information about how to become a media-watch volunteer.

Does Your Daughter Have a Positive Body Image?
Teenage girls tend to struggle with body image in far greater numbers than boys.

Male Body Image
Brief article examining the idea of male bodily perfection.

Mirror, Mirror
From the Social Issues Research Center, a summary of findings on body image.

NPR : Beauty Series, Part 1: Setting the Beauty Agenda
NPR's Susan Stamberg talks with Linda Wells, editor of Allure magazine about the magazine, its coverage of beauty issues, and how it chooses what goes on the cover. [6:10 Realaudio broadcast]

NPR : Beauty Series, Part 2: Pitching Beauty to Teens
Jean Kilbourne, author of Can't Buy My Love -- How Advertising Changes the Way We Think and Feel, says the media have created an ideal of beauty for young girls that is dangerously unachievable. Kilbourne speaks with NPR's Susan Stamberg in the second in a series of conversations on the nature of beauty. [6:44 Realaudio broadcast]

Short Persons Support
Provides support and reference material to persons of short stature and creates a forum to teach people about the social issues of being short.

bOObs: A Guide to Your Girls
Celebrate your breasts: health and cancer issues to breastfeeding and cosmetic surgery.