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CNN: Wal-Mart to Carry Plan B Contraception
News on the announcement that the chain would reverse its former stance and begin stocking emergency contraceptives (morning-after pills) in its pharmacies.

Contraception Editorial: From American Idol to Plan B: A Call for a Shift in Priorities
Perspectives on the effectiveness and potential for emergency contraception to reduce unintended pregnancy in the U.S.

Emergency Contraception (a.k.a. "Morning After Pill")
A thorough summary of the issues, from

FDA Official Quits Over Delay on Plan B
US Food and Drug Administration official in charge of women's health issues resigned in protest against the decision to further delay a final ruling on whether the "morning-after pill" should be made more easily accessible.

FDA: Plan B Information
US FDA Center for Drug Evaluation and Research documents related to the proposal to move this emergency contraception medication to over-the-counter status. Includes FAQ about the drug and the review process.

Plan B Battles Embroil States
Washington Post reports that after the US Food and Drug Administration failed to decide whether or not to make the "morning-after" pill available without a prescription, most states are considering legislation to expand or restrict access to the drug.

Plan B Pill Snarls FDA Nominee Hearings
US Today reports that over-the-counter emergency contraception was the main issue in Congressional hearings on the nomination of Andrew von Eschenbach to head the Food and Drug Administration.

Plan B: The Behind-the-Counter Over-the-Counter Pill?
Article traces the saga of the controversies and delays related to the request for U.S. FDA approval of over the counter sales of the emergency contraceptive.

Survey Finds Pharmacists, Public Favor Widespread Access to Emergency Contraception
Results of a U.S. opinion survey.

The Christian Institute - The Morning After Pill Promoting Promiscuity
UK Christian organization discusses many objections to emergency contraception and programs to increase the availability of "morning after" birth control.

The Morning After Pill
Site asserts that "morning after" emergency contraception is just another abortion approach that kills a human life.

There's Got To Be a Morning After
Issues surrounding emergency contraception in Australia and initiatives to make the pills easier to obtain.