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"You've Gone the Wrong Way, Baby"
Women's smoking, targetting of women in tobacco marketing, and resulting cancer rates, with a focus on Canada.

Background on Women & Girls and Tobacco
Campaign For Tobacco-Free Kids backgrounder covers cigarette promotions targeting women and girls.

Catching Our Breath: A Journal About Change for Women who Smoke
Written by women for women; explores some of the problems women must overcome to quit smoking, or to reduce the amount they smoke. Also explores why women smoke as well as ways to cope and relax without smoking.

Cigarette Advertising and Magazine Coverage of the Hazards of Smoking: A Statistical Analysis
Research concludes that "cigarette advertising in magazines is associated with diminished coverage of the hazards of smoking. This is particularly true for magazines directed to women."

Cigarette Smoking During Pregnancy
New evidence that cigarette smoking during pregnancy can cause attention deficit disorder, hyperactivity, aggressive behavior disorders and lower math and reading scores in children.

Cigarettes Linked to Breast Cancer
Summary of recent research.

International Network of Women against Tobacco (INWAT)
Founded in 1990 by women tobacco control leaders to address the complex issues of tobacco use among women and young girls.

June Russell's Health Facts: Smoking - Women
Factsheet on tobacco products and their effects on women, children, and families.

Philip Morris: National Expert on Women
Once-secret memo, the Virginia Slims Opinion Poll Public Relations Plan, documents a PR campaign that Philip Morris ran to position itself as the "most authoritative chronicler of women's issues".

Review - The Female Smoker: From Addiction to Recovery.
Book review.

Rite Aid Is Taking A Stand
Photo essay takes a hard look at Rite Aid's claim that it's taking a stand against heart disease in women.

Smoking-Related Deaths On The Rise Among American, French Women
Smoking-related illnesses and deaths among American and French women have risen sharply in recent years, despite vigorous anti-smoking campaigns on a global scale, says a Penn State researcher.

Smoking: A Guide for Teens
Center for Young Women's Health in Boston provides short factsheet aimed at teen women.

Smoking: Effects on Mothers and Babies in West Virginia
Matched Birth and Death Certificate data tell a grim tale, and a short discussion gives the story behind the data.

The Marketing of Cigarettes to Women
Academic article documents trends and effects of tobacco industry marketing to women.

Tobacco and Women's Health
Book review of book of same title.

Tobacco as a Problem for Women
Collection of articles on tobacco impacts on women.

U.S. Tobacco Makers Targetted Women Since '20s
ABC News article provides a quick summary of the long history.

Why Cigarettes Can be a Woman's Worst Enemy
Smoking increases your risk of cervical and rectal cancer; worsens your period; damages your fertility; hurts your unborn baby; ages you; attacks your heart.

Women More Vulnerable To Cigarette Harm
Twin studies reveal that women are more susceptible to lung disease caused by tobacco product.

Women More Vulnerable To Tobacco Carcinogens, New Results Show
Women may be more vulnerable than men to the cancer-causing effects of smkoing tobacco, according to new results.

Women and Smoking
American Legacy Foundation tobacco education campaign features real women battling very real tobacco-related illnesses light emphysema, lung cancer, and throat cancer, and highlights their real parting letters to their family and loved ones.

Women and Tobacco
WHO report. Women as the tobacco industry sees them; health effects of tobacco specific to women; women's brands and 'light' cigarettes.

Women, Girls and Tobacco: The Global Facts and the Challenge
Short paper on women and tobacco; tobacco promotion to women and girls; global impact of tobacco on women; recommendations for action.

You're Going Too Far, Baby: Cigarette Makers Woo Women in the Developing World
Village Voice article. Tobacco industry developed its "smoking = liberation" message for women in the U.S. in the 1970's; now it's exporting that message to promote tobacco to women globally.